Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Curves are GREAT!

I'm referring to grading on a curve. In one of my current classes, the professor grades on a curve. I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand I don't understand how the class performance requirements can be virtually disregarded if the entire class performs low. That is either an indication of poor student behavior or poor teaching skills by the professor, all of which should be accurately noted...shouldn't it? On the other hand, grading curves can work in my favor...

Case in point:
On a recent exam, I scored 77 out of 100. Not my shining moment (though I have lots of valid excuses if you care to hear them). On a standard scale this would likely have yielded a grade of C. However, on this professor's grading scale/curve, my 77 became a 93, which means I rocked an A.

Go me!

Thanks Dr. N! You made my day.

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Carol said...

Whoo hoo! Go Kelly!! Gotta love that curve.