Friday, April 10, 2009

Recipe Wanted: Pinto Beans

In the hopes of filling the hole of my much-missed California style Mexican food, I picked up some dry pinto beans at Whole Foods this afternoon. Only problem is, my past attempts at making homemade beans have failed, leaving me with bitter beans no matter how many times I soak and rinse them before cooking.
Anyone have a good recipe? Preferably no suggestions requiring a slow cooker as I can't seem to find mine though I do have a Le Creuset dutch oven, so hopefully that will suffice.


Phoebe said...

Mine involves a slow cooker, but I am sure you could do it on the stove.

Here goes

1 lb pinto beans
@5 c. water,
sprinkle of crushed red pepper
a few tsp salt (to taste . . . ) 1 tsp olive oil for good measure granulated garlic or crushed fresh garlic
Stick all ingredients in the crock pot (sometimes I wait to salt until the end). Cook for awhile. You might have to add some water here or there, or take some out at the end if it looks too soupy. Use an immersion blender to puree beans to your likening.

recipe courtesy of Darlybird.

So yummy!

Amber said...

HI Kel -
This is how I make my beans:
I usually dont even soak them, I just rinse them. Put them in a big stock pot and fill half way with bacon. Then I slice an onion and dump it in and add about half a pound of bacon (just the slices, not cut up or anything) I bring it to a boil and then I season it with salt, a couple of palmfuls, pepper, and garlic powder. I take it down to a simmer and let it cook slowly for about 4 hours. Sometimes I cover it, sometimes I don't, but I find that the slower it cooks, the better they taste. When they turn brown w/o spots and they are soft, they are done. I hope this makes sense. Give me a ring if you have any questions and I hope they turn out for you!

Molly W. said...

sorry you have bitter beans. i currently have bitter bugs. bitter beans is better, i'm sure of it.

DeniseMarie said...

Matt would LOVE the part in Amber's recipe where you fill the pot "half way with bacon." :) (I know she meant water, but still. If it HAD been bacon it would now be Matt's favorite recipe ever.) Now I want Mexican food, drat.

Abby... the Oregonian said...

hey kel, mine are pretty basic...

i soak mine in water over night, then i change out the water, and add a chopped onion, chicken or vege boulion, a can of green chilies, garlic and let simmer for a long time. i know, not too percise. i think i add salt and pepper at the end. isn't there something somewhere about adding salt to beans while cooking.??? not sure, that thought just sticks in my head!

hope it turns out, a

Amber said...

I did mean was really late when I wrote that I am suffering from terrible pregnancy brain :)