Saturday, April 04, 2009

Ginger's Visit: The Evidence

A few weeks back I had the joy of a weekend visitor, my dear friend Ginger. Although Ginger & I have plenty to talk about, she is probably the person I feel most comfortable sitting with in silence. That's always the mark of a solid friendship, I think. After pulling an all-nighter in the maternity wing of a hospital, acting as a doula for a friend in labor, Ging just made her morning flight out of Long Beach. Although I had to work a couple of the days she was here, we still managed to relax with a restorative cup of coffee/tea, sleep late, enjoy a delicious steak lunch at Gibson's, take the Sear's Tower elevator to the 99th floor for an amazing view, have pre-dinner cupcakes at Molly's Cupcakes, and, of course, inhale Ann Sather's amazing cinnamon rolls.

Great friend + plenty of laughter = Rest for a stressed grad-student's soul
I adore this picture of Ginger, huddling against the cold afternoon wind as we waited for the bus.
(The opposite view of here.)
President Obama was home for the weekend and stopped to say Hello.
Ginger was a good citizen of the Earth & picked up the flying newspaper as we sat along the shore of Lake Michigan.
Laughter. Always lots of laughter with Ging.
Thanks Ging. For your visit and your friendship.


Molly W. said...

SO many thoughts. Ok, I LOVE Ginger's straight hair! Those cupcakes look divine. That potato is calling to me. There IS lots of laughter to be had when Ging is around. I too love that cozy pic of Ging. I miss you two girlies. xo skies tomorrow said...

Thanks Molly - Kelly - how in the WORLD can we be in the same place shooting at the same time and you get a better smattering of our weekend together - so much to learn!

AND there still are two pictures that I look like I am going to EAT you! HAHAHHA

Thoughts: Loved my time there - straight hair certainly looks better blowing in the wind, and I love the close up of me at the bus stop - this is totally where I was hamming it up and you happen to get a pic of me with my eyes smiling!

DeniseMarie said...

1. I also love the picture of Ginger. Gorgeous! Those eyes are something else, and I love that they're smiling.

2. Is that a HUGE CHEESE-COVERED POTATO??? Me wanty.

3. We must go to Molly's and pick out cupcakes to take back to the hotel for Matt!

Abby... the Oregonian said...

what a beautiful picture of ginger. you guys looked like you had so much fun i am insanely jealous!!!

Michelle said...

What a blessing that the two of you had a weekend to spend together as friends .... whther laughing, talking, eating or sitting quietly - precious moments with friends are hard to secure.

I love that you love each other and are LOYAL.