Thursday, April 09, 2009

Hana Matsuri

As part of an assignment for a class on diversity a couple friends (Andrea & Caitlin) and I recently attended a Sunday service at a Buddhist temple and participated in a meditation session. Lucky for us it was a special service in honor of Hana Matsuri, or the birth of the Buddha. As the legend goes, the man who came to be regarded as the Buddha was born to a King and Queen in a little kingdom in northern India. While traveling, his mother went into labor and gave birth to him in a garden while a soft, warm rain fell upon his face. Buddha went on to reject his princely destiny to instead be a messenger of peace with many followers. In honor of Hana Matsuri it is tradition to ladle sweet tea over the head of the baby Buddha statue, symbolizing the rain that fell on the day of his birth.

(Although I imagine visiting a Buddhist temple in Thailand or Japan would have been amazing, I doubt they would have let me take pictures inside. :-)



Sarah S said...

so beautiful!

Molly W. said...

Great pics, friend. Ya know, I went to a Buddist Temple in China and I have no idea if we were allowed to take pics or not! I know we could on the grounds but not sure about inside. (I still can't believe I went to China w/out a digital camera...sigh)