Thursday, November 06, 2008

On Signature Sign Offs

Some people have a signature sign off for their correspondence and for them it absolutely works and sounds cool, chic, effortless and meaningful. One friend of mine signs things, "Fondly, XXX" and another "Much Love, XXX." For years I've mostly used "Best, Kelly" as my sign off, but it's never felt like my signature sign off. I'm still on the hunt.

Today I came across a blog where someone signed off their post with "Love Wins, Ryan."

I LOVE this! Can I steal it? Or does that defeat the purpose of the signature sign off? It's just such a hopeful way to say goodbye. What do you write? Do you have a signature sign off?


DeniseMarie said...

I'm guessing I'm the "much love" friend, since that's usually my closing of choice. While that's my standard, however, I do like to personalize or customize the closing depending on my reason for writing and/or to whom it's written--even if it's a short phrase or fragment rather than just one or two words. In fact, that's my preference, because I think it shows that I've truly thought about how I can express feeling or intent in every word I've written. But oftentimes--due to lack of time or creativity--I can't think of anything unique, so I end up using "Much love."

Still loving you much but at the moment missing you more,

Molly W. said...

First off, I'm glad to know Denise is alive! Okay, about the sign off, I think you can steal it...its not like you know that person anyway! I almost always do "xo" -sometimes it might seem a little too personal to send someone a hug and kiss but I typically do it anyway. :)

Matt said...

I've just used "Cheers, Matt..." for as long as I can remember so I guess thats my signature signature. For the longest time I also included various quotes at the end of my signature as well, the one that lasted the longest was "Changes aren't permanent, but change is"

Matt M.

Sarah S said...

steal it.

Phoebe said...

My friend signs off
I love it and have used it a time otr two myself. skies tomorrow said...

So this may surprise you but I have never noticed anybody nor have I ever given a second thought to a "signature" sign off to uniquely represent me- I like the idea and I think you should steal it!

Kim said...

With Dar I usually sign off xok (kiss hug kim), but I stole that from my old boss' wife whose name was kim and that's how she signed her emails to my boss. So being a signature thief myself, I say go for it :)


Kristin said...

I love it! You could definitly steal it and it toally sounds like something you would write...take it!

Molly W. said...

I just thought of another one. Here in Ireland its common to use "with every good wish" -I love it and may steal that one for myself!