Monday, November 17, 2008

One last fall walk

Hugo, my beloved Nikon D80, came home last week. (Hurray!) NOT repaired. (Boo!) To make a long story short, Hugo was made at a Nikon factory outside of the US, and therefor considered to be a "Grey Market" product, which Nikon USA won't repair. (And yes, I'm very annoyed by this, but I'm not going to allow my blood pressure to be raised any longer on this issue. Moving on.)

Fall in Chicago is soon to be past, most of the leaves have fallen from the trees, and when I return from Denmark after being gone for almost two weeks, winter will be upon us. So after a morning of studying last Friday I decided to take a walk down to my local diner for some pancakes for lunch (theirs are amazing) and then explore an old looking building I frequently pass, often wondering what it was. (Turns out it's the clubhouse for a golf course nearby.) I came back a little dirty after traipsing through the mud caused by the morning rain but energized from being outside in the brisk fall air. (And yes, I was productive most (much...some) of the rest of the day.


PS. Got our first snow last night! It didn't stick to anything, but I enjoyed catching the fat snowflakes nonetheless.


Molly W. said...

Oooo, beautiful! I esp love the one w/ the building. I can't list a fave b/c I love them all but I do really really like that one.

Tims said...

first. seriously. I'm so sorry to hear about hugo... that's pretty frustrating... I noticed just recently the same thing about canon products... frustrating that it's not brought to the buyers attention more clearly...
YOU REALY should load these up for stock photos... you can get a few bucks every time folks use them.... They really are amazing!!! I would totally hang like almost all of the in my house... love the trees...

it's sarah not tim... too lazy to log out and in... xo

eneroun: one who runs with endles energy

Kristin said...

They are beautiful Kelly! It looks so pretty there. Sorry to hear about Hugo...that really just sucks.

Lauren said...

Those are PURDY! I especially like the two lonely trees.

DeniseMarie said...

I agree with Sarah. Does it cost anything to submit stuff on istockphotography?

These are just gorgeous.

Leslie said...

Yes!! I was just thinking of how many pastors could use your tree shots for sermon points...also book covers. Time to find yourself an agent, young lady! You are soooo talented!

bonny with a Y said...

Kelly - how do you take such GORGEOUS pictures with a broken camera?