Monday, November 03, 2008

Hugo is at the hospital & A trip to Lake Geneva, WI

He's supposed to return by November 24, following any necessary treatment he may need to get for his poor vision and inability to focus properly. I am hopeful that when he returns, he'll be all better and ready to go on many a winter walk with me, spying all sorts of things that will look especially nice in black & white. Let's say a prayer or three for Hugo's successful return (and by successful I mean that #*%$ Nikon will repair whatever the heck is wrong with it and get it back to me by that date because I fly out of the country a few days later and Hugo MUST be with me). Amen.

Before sending Hugo to the doctor Liz & I took a drive up north to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin this last Saturday where we enjoyed the fall colors, met her parents for lunch and secretly snapped a few shots of Liz & her brother, Mike, as a present for their father's birthday.
A walk around the town.
A Starbucks stop revived us after our walk and before our little photoshoot. (I recommend their new Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate.)
Liz's brother was having none of my suggestion that Liz throw leaves in the air.
Or any of the "Jazz Hands!" suggestion.
I always take a couple headless shots, 'cause I think it's interesting to see what you get with just body language.


DeniseMarie said...

Oooh, those fall leaves look so beautiful. We had a little bit of rain this weekend, though it was still in the 70s so a bit muggy. The news this morning reported highs in the mid 80s again by the end of the week. Arg.

Molly W. said...

I was on a photog blog the other day and the gal was saying how hard it is to photograph adult children and not have them look like a couple -you did a good job of that! Really lovely fall colors too. And yes, Hugo's return is a must!! (my fave is the third from the bottom)

Sarah S said...

man. I really would be having a panic attack knowing my dear gem was away... in someone else's hands... you are trusting... but I suppose they are trustworthy folks? :)

amazing photos ... love seeing fall in wisconsin... thanks for the glimpse...

Kellyry said...

YES! It is very challenging photographing men & women who aren't a couple. To convey a closeness an intimacy that comes from being family, without trodding into the romantic poses.

jen jen said...

i heart the leaves.