Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My last first day

I left by 7:50am and was home around 7:45pm. And so will my Tuesdays be for the forseeable future. All went well today, with no typical 1st day of school nightmares of showing up nekkid or getting lost trying to find my classroom. Look ma, I survived my first day of grad school!

Here are some cell phone scenes from my first day:

I stepped off the bus and happened to look up, surprised to see the Hancock Building in front of me. (I love going to school downtown.)

Spent part of my mid-day break in the student lounge (where I ate my packed lunch of grapes, peanut butter bread & some angel food cake).

The view of the Corn Cobbs, river & other assorted buildings from the Student Lounge. (Again, I love going to school downtown.)

The view on the EL on the way home. (I'll take one of him, please, even with his pre-maturely balding head; I don't mind. :-)

Have I mentioned the mid-western men? NO?! Well, please allow me to interrupt this 'Last-first-day' post to address something much more important. The men here...Well, let's just say...YUM. Riding the El or the bus in the morning & evening commute times is going to be fun and filled with eye-candy. What can I say, I'm a sucker for a man in business clothes!

And so now it's time to head to bed, ready for my last second day of school.


Molly W. said...

You have always had a thing for a guy in buisness attire! Some things never change huh? Glad you more than survived your first day friend.

Liz said...

You have discovered the real reason why I would rather commute downtown for work each day than up north (even though it is a much easier commute). Hello hotties!

T'Ru said...

Glad it went fine, Kell. And wow, cool views being schooled downtown. Are all your days as long as Tuesdays?

Sarah S said...

somehow I've gotten into the habit of reading your blog and not commenting... which as you know, is a sin....

will you forgive me... love your posts the views... the insight into your new world.. xo