Monday, September 08, 2008

1 month, 1 day

One month, one day ago I moved into my new place. ONE MONTH! Did that time fly by for anyone else? It gives me hope that these next five years will also speed by as I get closer and closer to this educational goal. It occurred to me the other day though, that I really don't think the next five years will be torturous. And you know why? 'Cause this was the right choice. Into my second week of school and I'm already excited for tomorrow's classes. And then Wednesday's classes. And although I didn't have the motivation or desire to study all weekend (choosing to play & relax instead), when I picked up my textbooks today and spent the day reading about the need for multi-cultural competence, I wasn't even bored! Now that says something.

Wanna know one of the few things I dislike about Chicago? (And really, I can only think of the one thing at the moment.) You know how when you see a TV commercial advertising the upcoming date and time of your favorite TV show? And you know how it always said something like "8pm/7 central" or "9pm/8 central"? Well I finally realized what that "_ central" part, which I'd always disregarded, meant. It means if you live in the central time zone, you're screwed. Parents don't get to put their kiddos to bed by 8pm, just in time to watch their favorite primetime shows in peace. And students who have classes until 7pm at a school that's a 30 minute train ride + 10 minute walk away from home, and who are too poor to afford cable, let alone TIVO/DVR, they are screwed too. Cause EVERYTHING STARTS AT 7, NOT 8PM. (What genius decided this was a smart idea?)

But other than that, Chicago is GREAT. Seriously, I'm loving it and can't wait to share it with all my future visitors. And you know what else is great? Skype (or Yahoo IM) + webcams. They mean I get to talk to AND SEE some of my favorite people, all for free. You can be one of those people too; go get a webcam. Pronto. And then let me know about it so we can chat. FOR FREE. (If you haven't noticed, FREE is quickly becoming a favorite word of mine, as are 'coupon', 'discount', and 'cheap'. Necessity is the mother of evolution, my friends!)

As I type this I'm watching a very fuzzy 'Celtic Thunder' (fuzzy cause of that aforementioned inability to afford cable, and the 'ol rabbit ears don't love this channel). But though I can't see it well, I can hear just fine and am charmed by the lilting Irish accents singing about all kinds of blarney. (And this makes me think of Molly living in Ireland for a year, and don't you all think it'd be adorable if lil' B came home with an Irish accent?)

The mention of Molly reminds me of a conversation I had with her today: How old do I look? I ask because on the bus this weekend I was asked out by a man who was easily pushing 50, on the young side. Did he really think we were close enough in age to go on a date? Or was he just so charmed by the fact that I actually made eye contact with and smiled at people on the bus (cause people here avoid eye contact when taking public transportation, so I'm on a mission to, as Liz says, "Make Chicago friendly")? Always flattering to be asked out, of course, but how old do I look?!

A little random free-thought comin' atcha this evening.

From the Central Time Zone, I bid you good night.


Molly W. said...

It was SO fun to SEE and talk to you today!!! I can go on!! :) You don't look anywhere near 50, that guy was just hoping you wouldn't notice how old he looked! :)

Rama said...

The time did fly! I'm so glad you love it, Kell. We already own a webcam and have used skype to talk to Dave's parents. So let's make a date! When I lived in Colorado prime time shows started at 7 and it was a big switch for me when I moved to California because I felt like I stayed up so late (that's totally me, eh?!)!

Liz said...

I'm sorry that I forgot to warn you about the Central Time Zone thing. It killed me the first year too. However, I wasn't in classes and I had no life yet so I was pretty much always in at 7. But now, it's a little harder.

DeniseMarie said...

Is it sad and pathetic that I frequently wish our primetime started at 7, too, so that I could go to bed earlier? I used to wish that all the time back when there were tons of shows on tv that I loved. (I still miss you, Buffy!!!) Not so much anymore now that I hardly watch tv at all, but still.....when I do watch things I often wish they were on earlier because I need my sleep.

As for how old you look, I'm a horrible judge of that. But I can say with complete certainty that you do not look old enough to be asked out by a 50-year-old man. Clearly, he's a lecher.

Keep smiling at fellow bus/train passengers, though! Maybe next time it will be one of those cute, young, business-attired men who does the asking.

Matt said...

I've no doubt the time left in your program is going to FLY by. Its been almost 3 1/2 years since I moved to California and I often still feel like I just moved here ("Wait, I moved to califonia!". Next thing you know, you're going to be done and ready for the next adventure.

Matt M.

DeniseMarie said... husband commented on your blog! He doesn't even comment on MY blog. See? I wasn't kidding when I said you're missed.

Jeremy said...

There is no way you look 30 let alone 50! Is that the scandinavian in you? Then again, being in that range, I dont like to estimate others ages :) especially because I look 18.
You are definitely not intellectually immature nor senior citizen (is that even a level?). However there it nothing wrong with a classy sugar daddy!

I cant believe it has been what 6, 7 weeks since the pageant of the masters? It will be done before you know it!

Oh crap, now what I really wanted to comment about: the tv time zones. At my sister's place in Montana, everything starts there a net two hours before us here in California. What is our 9pm programming comes on at 8 for them, which means 7pm PST. Their late independent local news is at 9pm, and then the late local NBC news is at 10pm.