Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kelly wonders....

  • Can you freeze canned pumpkin for later use?
  • What is it about apple cider vinegar that allowed a pumpkin bread recipe to use it in place of eggs? (UPDATE: I've since learned that it's the combination of vinegar and baking soda that acts as a levitating agent.)
  • Since the recipe lacks eggs, does that mean the bread will dry out faster? And if so, will keeping the extra in the fridge keep it more moist or dry it out?
  • Should I go blonde again? (Not that I can afford to maintain it, but I'm in a "Wanna be blonde again" phase.)
  • Does this photo of me not look like me? There's something about the angle...
  • Can I quit school? (Kidding! Though I must admit I find "The Critique of Psychology: From Kant to Colonial Theory" to be so fascinating I want to stab my eyes out with splintered toothpicks. )
  • Why can't I get my wireless modem to work?
  • And what's wrong with my printer that it keeps jamming? (I think the humidity in the air is doing something to the paper.)
  • Is the cooler weather that finally descended upon us today a sign that fall is here to stay? (Pretty please, mother nature!)
  • How can 3 bags of groceries cost $105?
  • Has the 2" cockroach that made an appearance a couple weeks ago left the building so I can stop avoiding that corner of my bedroom and fearing I'll step on it in the middle of the night?
  • How are all my friends?


Abby... the Oregonian said...

yes, you can freezed canned pumpkin, done it my self.

no, you should not go blonde again. i like the brown on you best and you need to be responsible...blah, blah, blah...

our fall is here and man i love it. hope yours is there too.

i like the picture of you. it's sliming.

i miss my friend too. i am sorry we have not connected yet. i miss having you at kevin shaw and at my disposal. i will try to call soon.

Molly W. said...

Glad Abs answered the pumpking question b/c I wasn't sure. I kinda think the fridge will dry it out but I'm not really sure, maybe freeze it? I do love you blonde but financially I say no. I do think that photo looks like you, I actually think you look at a lot like Brandi in this pic! (thats a compliment of course!). No, you can't quit school. I don't know about the modem/printer, techy things aren't my bag (as you know. I bet fall is close if not there yet. Groceries are friggin' expensive that's why. Yes, cockroach is gone. And lastly, I'm fine, but I miss my kels.

Henry said...

# Should I go blonde again? (Not that I can afford to maintain it, but I'm in a "Wanna be blonde again" phase.)

What?! I have always known you as 'that pretty blonde lady', as Holly put it.

# Why can't I get my wireless modem to work?

May be I can help. Email me with more details if you want.

Liz said...

I agree with Molly, you look a lot like Brandi in this photo. But, you still look like you and I like it.
What on earth did you put in those three grocery bags!?!?
I like the brown hair! It'll be good for fall/winter. You can go back to blond in the spring.
Yes, the cockroach is gone. But, if he appears again, let me know. I know of a good bug spray that you can spray along your walls that keeps critters like that out. It works really well.
Yes, the humidty does strange things to paper. I've had my frustrations with that as well...

DeniseMarie said...

1. I add to the chorus of thanks to Abby for answering this question about freezing pumpkin.
2. This is just weird and wrong.
3. Yes, I think it will dry out faster.
4. No. Brown is beautiful on you.
5. This photo looks exactly like you--gorgeous! Maybe it looks different because your hair appears longer in it than I've seen you with in a long time? (Also, I don't think you look like B here. Just like yourself.)
6. No.
7. Ours is jacked up, too, and I've figured out that it's the cordless telephone that's doing it. Also, the microwave interferes with it. Dammit.
8. I'll bet you're on to something with the humidity and the paper. But also it could be that the little rubber pads that roll the paper are mucky. Try cleaning them with a bit of rubbing alcohol.
9. It's still in the upper 90s here and not fall-like at all. GRRRRR.
10. Those were some fancy groceries!
11. Yes, a couple of weeks is plenty of time for that cockroach to have moved on to terrorize someone else. Walk with confidence barefoot in the dark.
12. This friend misses you. skies tomorrow said...

Yep stick it in the freezer, apple cider and eggs have NOTHING in common - go figure, keep it in a zip lock bag - it will retain the moisture, stay dark, the pic looks like you - it is a "great angle" and you do not resemble B, just you!, can't quit, no matter what. Today there was a thunderstorm for 10 minutes in Monrovia...fall is coming! LONELY without my roomie

b said...

Since you already got answers to your questions, I will only add that you look great. Kinda skinny lookin'. Do you need to apply for food stamps?