Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Two weeks!

Does anyone remember that line from the Tom Hanks movie, Money Pit? It brings back all sorts of childhood memories and every time a contractor promises that something will only take 2-weeks to complete, I shake my head and chuckle. Thanks Tom, for that valuable lesson.

So's been 2 weeks since I last posted and some of you are worried. Thanks for worrying about me; it makes me feel loved. Rest assured I'm doing just fine.

My absence has been a combination of a.) no interesting pictures taken to blog about, b.) no inspiration of interesting tidbits to blog about, c.) trying to be good about using my extra time to study and stay on top of things with my classes so that I don't give myself a heart attack.

But a random comment to a friend just inspired me and I HAD to rush to my blog and share this thought with my world:
I HEART 100-Calorie Packs.

I'm sure you've seen them and maybe even tried a variety or three. And so won't you concur that they really are a bit of genius? Yes, I realize that it would be financially advantageous of me to just buy a box or bag of these same snacks & treats and insert them into those snack-sized baggies, but come'on, do I really have time to do that? PLUS, they do something (I think) so that you get more for your calorie count. And we all know that sometimes, quantity really is more important than quality.

My favorite varieties...
*Lorna Doone (so buttery!),
*Honey Maid Cinnamon Thin Crisps (cinnamon graham crackers remind me of licking the cinnamon/sugar off as a kid),
*Planters Peanut Butter Crisps (it's the cookie part of the nutter butter),
*Chips Ahoy (and I'm not even a crispy choco-chip-cookie fan but these hit the spot),
*Baked Cheetos (I think these may be even better than the original crunchy...the Cheetos Asteroids are pretty good too)
*Ritz Snack mix (I love me some variety!)
*Cheez-It "Right Bites" (by Sunshine, NOT the Cheese Nips by Nabisco (unless you prefer the Nips, then you may like those instead; I just never have)...I just had these for breakfast. It was either that or run down to Coffee Bean for a tasty blueberry scone!)

Try them! The variety packs are a good way to start.


Sarah S said...

Sooo although the 100 calorie packs are convient... I HATE THE WAY THEY TASTE... they taste fake... I much rather eat less of cheese nips... but maybe that's b/c I wouldn't really eat less of the nips... hmmmm... maybe the 100 calorie packs ARE better...
Much love...

DeniseMarie said...

I still haven't been able to find the Cheetos, darn it. I finally came across the Cheetos Asteroids the other day, but they didn't sound appealing. I really love the Doritos--both cool ranch and nacho cheese. They're lighter, crispier, and more subtly seasoned than regular Doritos (which I find to be ruined by the overload of artificial flavoring). The only problem is that I have a hard time eating only one bag, which sort of negates the benefits of having calorie-portioned servings.

Kellyry said...

The asteroids are pretty good. They are the full-fat original version, not baked.

To avoid munching on two bags, I usually just keep one with me and stash the rest in different places (car, work, etc).

Kellyry said...

As for the fake taste, I've found I have to appreciate the taste for what they are, a take off of something else. The Oreo ones, for example--Not an actual Oreo, but the cookie is reminiscent of the cookie part. Which, if you're a die-hard Oreo fan, may just hit the spot.