Thursday, April 05, 2007

A Wii bit of fun

After July I will officially be in my 30's, as are many of my friends. And yet I have to say I love that the increasing age doesn't stop us from embracing our inner child. My friend Esther's recent birthday get-together is a perfect example of this.

Do you know about the Wii?

Six of us spent a good 7 hours playing the Ninetendo Wii this past Sunday. If you haven't tried it, you MUST find someone that has one and beg them to allow you to play. I can almost guarantee you'll want one for yourself (even after you experience how physically sore you are the next day from playing). I know I want one now. In fact, I may just wish for one for my birthday. (Family, take note!)
Favorite games: Tennis, Bowling (even though I do as poorly in virtual bowling as I do in real life) and WarioWare: Smooth Moves (the hula move is the best--and the funniest to watch others do).

Thanks, E, for sharing your new birthday present with the rest of us!

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Matt said...

Now if I can just convince Ms Spacelady that one of these would be fun......