Monday, April 30, 2007

Brunch. (Need I say more?)

I once dated someone that did not like brunch. (WHO DISLIKES BRUNCH?! How did we last so long?!) Brunch is probably my most favorite meal. EVER. It means never having to choose between omelet/potatoes and pancakes/bacon. It means having a made-to-order omelet, bacon, sausage, ham, waffles, lasagne, home fries, cheese & crackers, fruit, salad, dessert all topped off with a mimosa!

It means gluttony; plain and simple.

Thanks to Mike for having a birthday and giving the rest of the family the opportunity to over-indulge! (And thanks to Dad for taking us to the Club to enjoy this lovely brunch!)


DeniseMarie said...

You guys were directly across the street and didn't come over to say hi?!?! :(

Kellyry said...

I figured you were at church and/or busy moving the last of stuff...Sowy! :-|

Matt said...

We did move the last of the stuff, and we finally have it done.
I no longer have my apt in the "hood".
Also, D is very good at moving big desks. She was a champ helping out with getting my desk up the stairs.

To remain topical, I agree Kelly. Brunch is the best meal (well, turkeyday dinner is the BEST, but lets not quibble). How can you beat the utter gluttony and tastyness of a good brunch?

Kellyry said...

Your wife is a trooper, especially since she also volunteered to help move around my living room furniture!

Glad you're out of the 'hood' now!

Phoebe said...

Mmmm. Waffles, potatoes, juices, breads. I am now officially hungry.

DeniseMarie said...

Any meal that makes it perfectly acceptable in all social circles to drink champagne before noon is my kind of meal. I heart mimosas.