Sunday, September 03, 2006

Isn't it funny...

...How quickly life passes by?

My last post mentioned something about how weeks had passed since my prior posting, and now, again, I can say the same, except that this time, it's been months, rather than mere weeks.

What has happened in the last months? Let me count the...

1.) I finished spring semester at PCC, and the 5 classes I was taking. 4.0, thank you very much.
2.) I finished a summer intensive at PCC. I somehow managed to still get an A in that class, despite getting a C on the final...I had it all calculated, how many points I had to get on the final in order to still get an A. Glad my rudimentary math skills were correct.
3.) Summer break was brief, about 4 weeks. In that time I....watched a lot of tv, read some books, and waited for my niece to arrive.
4.) My niece arrived! August 9, 2006 @ 12:12pm, after 36 hours of labor, Audrey Faith Morris was born, precious, healthy and rarin' to go.
5.) At the end of August, I started a class at Citrus College and my Bachelor's completion program at APU. By the end of November 2007, I should be all done with my BS. in Org. Leadership. Boy, do I look forward to that day!
6.) In between school and work, I managed to squeeze out 6 days of free time, and have taken up residence at the Morris household, to spend time with Brandi, Mike & Audrey. Ok, so it's mostly to spend time with Audrey. :-) And she's still just precious and adorable and healthy. (See above.)

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