Wednesday, February 08, 2006


For all of those that have seen Ashton Kutcher's MTV show "PUNK'D!" you know how cringe-worthy it can be as these celebs are put in awkward situations where they just don't know how to handle themselves with aplomb--it's wickedly entertaining.

I came across this comic today which turns the tables on Ashton.

I had to consider why I found this so funny. Was it the image of Jesus snickering behind the admittance podium in heaven? Was it Ashton in his trucker hat with that "Huh?" expression on his face, not knowing that he was about to be PUNK'D! himself? Certainly it's not the idea that people can actually get PUNK'D! like that in Heaven, right?

While I don't personally believe that God plays games like that, I imagine that many people do. It's what inspires them to light candles or make extravagent promises in scary situations ("I promise to NEVER think another lustful thought if only you let the Steelers win!").

I'm going to leave the witty, but inspiring object lesson to my pastor/seminary-professors/seminary-student friends to make at some future teaching. For now, I'll just enjoy the sacriligious humor of a snickering Jesus and a befuddled looking Ashton getting PUNK'D! himself, and rest easy, knowing that my future is secure and that because of who I know, I won't be PUNK'D!, at least not in Heaven.

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Rose said...

I've just stumbled across your blog and so thought I'd leave a comment.

I LOVE punk'd. Half the time I don't know who the celebrities are because I live in England, but it is STILL laugh out loud funny. Especially when it is really obvious the celebrities are still really pissed off but there just pretending to be nice because they've found out they're on camera.

Ashton is a true STAR, and the fact that even he has been punk'd shows that he can laugh at himself.

Love Rose x